Marry Your Doll

Sissy + Harry

If you wish to marry your doll...
...please thoroughly complete and submit this form to be issued with a marriage license, thus becoming officially engaged to your doll by standards of DollWedding.net.

If you have already married your doll...
...you can use the same form to have your existing marriage retroactively acknowledged and registered by DollWedding.net.

Before doing so, please be sure to thoroughly read the page FAQs / Rules & Regulations.

Set your wedding date

Human spouse Doll spouse
Identity: Identity:
To protect your privacy: PLEASE DO NOT enter the full last name of the human spouse!
You may consider adding only the first letter of the last name to the respective first name.
When generating your wedding certificate, you will be able to adjust the names for that purpose.
Name: Name:
- This is the "full" name for each partner to be displayed publicly in the registry.
Call name: Dear Call name: Dear
- For addressing purposes ("Dear ...") during the ceremony through your Master of Ceremony, if available (e.g. first name only).
Names must begin with a non-accented capital letter or umlaut and be at least 2 characters in length. Legal characters are alphabetic accented and non-accented letters, umlauts, sharp S (ß), space, hyphen, quotation mark, apostrophe and abbreviation point. No digits or other special characters.

E-mail address:
The e-mail address is mandatory so that we can send you important instructions and information regarding your license.

Code word:
We recommend to set a code word which you can easily keep in mind. In case you have forgotten with which e-mail address you registered and contact us in this regard, you will be able to identify yourself by means of the code word.
In order to avoid misuse, please do not share your codeword with anyone!

My doll is a:
This optional information is for statistical purposes only and will not be displayed in the registry entry.

We are from:
For instance, country, region, town, etc. This optional information would be displayed in the registry entry.

Mandatory confirmations

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